Turn your organization into a talent magnet

Avoiding staff turnover is a big challenge for companies, accomplishing it depends on the attention we pay to conflict indicators.

Human Resources tools are essential for talent retention and team management.

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Keep talent from leaking. Investing in employees gets back to you.

We know how hard achieving workplace stability can be when you have to handle all of your team's needs, that's why we created complete and efficient solutions for HR management.

Investing in Simetrical's digital tools means long term benefits for your company. Address work difficulties in a timely manner and stop wasting money on employee turnover. Long lasting quality relationships are waiting for you.

Organizational Climate: A complete job satisfaction digital survey

Achieve an extraordinary workplace environment by solving your employees most common and pertinent doubts.

Identify the causes behind employee turnover and create trusting relationships among your work team and the organization.

Create employee retention strategies, increase productivity and improve working processes

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E-360: The best way to know if you have the right people in the right post


Measure job performance from different perspectives, get the opinion from superiors, peers and subordinates.


simetrical-03Promote te right person by making decisions based on complete and unbiased results

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Customer Pulse: A direct channel betweent employees, their service and clients.

simetrical-04Train your workteam's customer service based on the opinion of clients in order to improve performance.


Help employees identify their strenghts and weaknesses, as well as how their performance is perceived by clientes, so they can find new ways to improve it.

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Anonymous Mailbox: the communication channel every company needs

simetrical-01Establish a direct channel that enhances trust for employees to express any doubt or inconvenience that might come up in their work basis.

simetrical-08Improve trust with a network to express nonconformities.

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Improving productivity in your workplace is just steps away.

Get to know our tools first hand in order so you can  know how they may adjust to your case. 

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