SCORECARD by Simetrical:

Your solution in Business Intelligence

The control board lets you view daily operative and financial metrics, compare actual results against budget, last month or last year results for a more accurate and timely decision-making process. 

Great decisions depend on quality information.

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How Scorecard works:


Your information is updated automatically with the system. Data will be available on all your devices at all times.


View your most relevant key performance indicators -or KPIs- from your PC, Mac, iPhone or iPad.


Make the best decisions thanks to the data analysis from Business Intelligence.

Business Intelligence for everyone

Scorecard is a Business Intelligence tool designed for today’s entrepreneur. Convert information into knowledge integrating key business metrics in the control board.

Information shown in Scorecard is updated automatically and can be seen from many perspectives. Measure your company’s performance daily.

Boost decision making

Make operative and financial decisions based on real and timely information. Access your control board from any device or place and use the updated information it provides you to guide your enterprise.

View data in an attractive and optimized platform that will help nurture your decision making process. Scorecard puts the kind of information that make businesses grow at the palm of your hands.

You have to wait ages for reports to be finished and know how many resources you have?

How many business opportunities have you lost because you couldn’t take decisiones faster? All your problems can be solved with Scorecard.

Our process


We have created a control board within our tool with the most important business indicators for senior managers.


We synchronise with your ERP system during the night and download all information from your control board.


You’ll have all your metrics updated in your control board the next morning. Make the best decisions with information at hand.

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